San Diego Leadership

Each year, The Princess Project benefits from the dedication of the following volunteers.  From our Board of Directors to each committee member, we are a 100% volunteer run organization.

General inquiries:


Karen Martin


Jennifer Gaston

Chair Secretary

Kelly MacNeill-Cooney

Chair Treasurer

Leilah Roche

Community Liaison

Fran Pillersdorf

Library Satellite Liaison

Jenny Sykora

Media & Promotions

Jennifer Gaston – Chair

Sarah Huber

Jacqueline Magdaleno

Angelina Roman

Marcie Scott

Girl Outreach

Gail Levine – Chair

Elaine Elliott

Amy Minicilli

Claire Neilson

Cara Nelson

Blaze Newman

Cynthia Clark Porter

Dress & Accessories Collection

Jennifer Gaston – Chair

Margaret Haas

Inger Huber

Sara Huber

Leilah Roche

Volunteer Outreach

Meghan Gates-Atilano – Co-Chair

Jennifer Medina – Co-Chair

Kelly MacNeill-Cooney

Abigail Eastman

Pam Lozano

Event Staging & Hospitality

Katie Gideon – Chair

Sofi Kadoura

Maria Magdaleno

Amy Minicilli

Marcie Scott

Fundraising & Events

Karen Martin – Chair

Connie Kauffman

Brenda Hayward

Emily Michaelson

Fran Pillersdorf


  • Angela Fisher – Founding SD member
  • Ann Richardson – Founding SD member

Read all about our Board of Directors