Committee Roles

Levels of commitment:

  • Leaders/Chair or Co-Chair positions:  The Chairs form the Steering Committee which acts as leadership for the organization throughout the season (June 2017– June 2018). No experience required, only good leadership and organizational skills needed. Attend two meetings each month and a few hours of time for committee tasks each week, based on your availability.
  • Committee members: The committees are broken into focused roles to help organize all events. Attend one meeting each month and a few hours of time for committee tasks each week, based on your availability.
  • Event Volunteers: Shifts will be available during this event season (Mar 2018 – June 2018) including the prom and dress giveaway (April 2018) boutique set up, dress sorts (March 2018), and fundraising events. These opportunities are posted on our website and emailed to our contacts. Make sure you are on our email list.

Committee roles & responsibilities:

  • Girl Outreach (2 Co-Chair spots  & 10 Committee member positions) Build awareness in high schools. Make contact with school & community administrators. Encourage high school teens to attend the giveaway event. Find similar community groups and non-profits helping teens in need. Manage appointment software
  • Volunteer Outreach (2 Co-Chair spots & 8 Committee member positions) Build awareness in community. Recruit volunteers and volunteer groups for events
    Manage volunteers during events – using scheduling software
  • Media & Promotions (2 Co-Chair spots & 10 Committee member positions) Help manage media efforts. Publicize dress drives. Website updates & social media, promote fundraising and giveaway events. Consistently represent organization and brand
  • Dress & Accessories Collection (2 Co-Chair spots & 10 committee member positions) Manage dress and accessory drives and secure public drop-off locations. Work with local and national retailers to secure product donations. Manage & sort dress inventory.
  • Fundraising, Event Planning, Event Staging & Hospitality  (Fundraising Events and Giveaway events) (4-Co-Chair spots  & 30 Committee member positions) Lead all efforts to plan & execute our events. Seek out private donors. Lead efforts surrounding event space layout, decorations, & hospitality.  Provide a safe space for teens and volunteers. Lead efforts of moving in and out of storage. Set up the year-end Dress Sale event.

Here is a video that will make your heart sparkle.

Princess Project Volunteers